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Dana Gillespie (nacida Richenda Antoinette de Winterstein Gillespie el 30 de marzo de 1949, en Woking, Surrey) es una actriz inglesa, cantante y compositora.1​2​3​

Gillespie ha grabado más de 45 álbumes y aparecido en musicales (Jesucristo Superstar) y varias películas. Su producción musical ha progresado desde el pop y folk en los inicios de su carrera al rock y el blues.

Graba inicialmente en el género folk en los 60. Algunos de sus registros como adolescente cayeron en la categoría del pop, como su single de 1965 "Gracias Chico", escrito por John Carter y Ken Lewis y producido por Jimmy Page.4​ Después de actuar apoyando vocales en la pista "It Aint't Easy" del álbum de David Bowie, Ziggy Stardust, graba un álbum producido por Bowie y Mick Ronson, en 1973, Weren't Born a Man.5​2​ Los registros siguientes fueron de blues, apareciendo con la Londres Blues Band. Destaca por ser la María Magdalena original en la primera producción en Londres de la obra de Andrew Lloyd Webber Jesucristo Superstar, en el Teatro Palace, en 1972.2​ También apareció en el álbum original de Londres de la obra. Durante los 80 Gillespie fue miembro del grupo austríaco Mojo Blues Band.

Es seguidora del gurú espiritual indio Sri Sathya Sai Baba.Actuó en su Indian ashram en varias ocasiones y también grabó trece álbumes en sánscrito.

Gillespie es la organizadora del festival anual de Blues en el Basil's Bar en Mustique en el Caribe, durante quince días al final del enero y el festival ya está en su decimoctavo año.​ La banda de la casa es la Londres Blues Band, la cual consta de Dino Baptiste (piano), Jake Zaitz (guitarra), Mike Paice (saxo), Jeff Walker (bajo) y Evan Jenkins (batería) pero hay también otras actuaciones. En 2005, Mick Jagger apareció como invitado y cantó canciones como: "Honky Tonk Women", "Dust My Broom" y "Goin' Down" y también otros muchos artistas de blues han aparecido allí a través de los años, como Big Joe Louis, Joe Louis Walker, Billy Branch, Shemekia Copeland, Ronnie Wood, Donald Fagen, Rolf Harris, Ian Siegal, Larry Garner, Eugene Bridges, Big Jay McNeeley, Earl Green y Zach Prather.

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"I believe the blues should be sung by an older person because it's about emotions and experience. I couldn't do 
justice to it when I was younger because my voice didn't have the edge it needed to convey the emotion, nor did I 
have the first hand experience to sing about blue themes convincingly."

But after 45 years in music and over 60 albums Dana Gillespie is well qualified to sing the blues. A career that combined radio, theatre, film and sport (she was once British junior water-skiing champion) with music, Dana has been in the public eye since recording her first album at the age of 15. Her music has evolved from folk in the 60s through 70s Bowie-esque glam-rock to the raunchy in-your-face blues she performs today.

Dana Gillespie has been dedicated to the blues from an early age: "I discovered the blues when I went to the American Folk Blues Festival in 1962 and also to see the Yardbirds at the Marquee Club. I was in my early teens and hadn't heard anything like it before - blues wasn't easily available in the UK back then". Bessie Smith especially inspired her because of her combination of sly, funny and bawdy lyrics. "Blues was my first musical love because it's earthy, spiritual and honest."

In 1964 she recorded for Pye, with Donovan on guitar and became a regular on the folk circuit. She recalls: "[at that age] I was doing folk because I couldn't afford a band and I hadn't found my musical niche".In those early years Dana got to know many of the top bands and people in the music business. Most shared her love of blues, and played their own version of it. Bob Dylan who was an old friend of Dana from the 60s
  showed interest in her music in 1997, when he invited her to support him on his UK tour, which included a   sell-out show at Wembley. After a swathe of singles on Pye and two LPs for Decca, she moved to RCA and   made WEREN'T BORN A MAN in 1973, some titles being produced by David Bowie, whose management,   Mainman, also took care of her career.  

  While her career in music was simmering away, she became better known for her appearances in London's   West End theatres, in shows such as the first run of Jesus Christ Superstar (playing Mary Magdalene), The   Who's "Tommy" (playing the Acid Queen) and the rock Othello, "Catch My Soul". She also appeared with   Dudley Moore in the film version of "The Hound Of The Baskervilles" and starred in Ken Russell's "Mahler"   among other movies.
Her second RCA LP, AIN'T GONNA PLAY NO SECOND FIDDLE was just beginning to take off when her management company decided she should move to the USA, where she played and toured extensively for two years. Dana hosted a radio blues show in New York at the same time, which gave her the opportunity to learn more about the roots of the music. She has continued her interest in radio in Austria where she recently completed a 11-year stint hosting a weekly, international world music show on Blue Danube Radio called 
"Globe Trotting With Gillespie".
 In the 80s, Dana toured Europe several times with the "Stars Of Boogie Woogie" tour,  singing either with the Mojo Blues Band or with Axel Zwingenberger. Her time with the  Mojo Blues Band, a purist outfit that backed all the American blues musicians visiting  Europe, lasted three years. "I lived, slept and breathed blues, because that was all they did.  It was a great experience." She also developed her interest in Indian and Arabic music,  recording the single "Move Your Body Close To Me", an Indian-influenced song with  synthesiser backing. It shot to #1 in Europe.

Dana has already released six blues albums through Ace. BLUE JOB, was recorded in 1982, a collection of blues songs with a humorous risqué twist. The second LP, BELOW THE BELT drew on the same source, and was produced by Mike Vernon (who also produced Dana's Pye album in the 60s, BOX OF SURPRISES). The third LP, SWEET MEAT concentrated on "fat" and "thin" numbers - another raunchy set of songs. The combined three LPs are now available on two CDs BLUES IT UP and HOT STUFF. Her release STAYING POWER, displays an empathy with the blues which can be traced back to her first exposure to the art form in the early 1960s. Her latest CD on Ace is recorded and called 'Live with the London Blues Band'.

In 2002 Dana was invited to take her road band, The London Blues Band, on the first ever major tour by a western band of India. She filled stadiums from Mumbai to Calcutta and yet again demonstrated her infalible ability to take her music to a seemingly unlikely audience. Her songwriting is without doubt a major asset. Bob Dylan has said how much he likes her songs... her self penned catalogue is phenomenal and sets her apart as a truly unique talent.
India has always played a major part in Dana's life and she recorded 3 albums in Sanskrit, under the pseudonym THIRD MAN before reverting to Dana Gillespie. Her touring schedule has been consistently packed, taking her to all the European blues festivals. In recognition of her talent, she was voted 'Top British Female Blues Vocalist' by the British Blues Connection and Blueprint Magazine between 1992 and 1996 and has now been elevated into their Hall Of Fame.

 In the last week of January, for over 15 years, the Caribbean Island of MUSTIQUE has been the destination  for a charity blues festival, founded and organised by Dana and Basil Charles. The festival started as a small  event but as Mustique has grown in popularity, as a tourist destination and as a playground for the wealthy,  so has the festival. The funds collected are used to pay for scholarships for children's schooling in the  neighbouring island of St. Vincent. Dana maintains that the event will continue to be a free festival, raising  money through the sale of the Mustique Blues Festival LIVE CD produced every year. Blues musicians from all  over the world, such as Big Jay McNeeley, Larry Garner, Joe Louis Walker, Mick Jagger and Ian Siegal.

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Born in San Sebastian (1979). Paul has a bachelor's degree in Jazz piano, and his great passion has been Blues, ever since he began with the classical piano at the age of twelve. His first contact with Blues was through the groups of Rhythm & British Blues of the 60s. Playing live since the age of 15, he is currently immersed in the tradition of the Blues piano styles, such as Stride or Boogie Woogie. In 2011, his first solo work, "Tracks", on piano and voice, on the label. Gaztelupeko Hotsak Recording, came to light. Standing out among his influences are, among others, Alan Price, Jerry Lee Lewis, Roosevelt Sykes, Memphis Slim, Otis Spann, Sunnyland Slim, Dr John, Professor Longhair and James Booker. 
Along with his group, Stay Blues, he has taken part in various Blues festivals and participated, for five consecutive years, in the Jazz festival in San Sebastian. In the summer of 2007, the band released their first album/CD.

Over the course of his already wide-ranging career, Paul San Martin has collaborated with artists of great relevance, among whom are the likes of, Nico Wayne Toussaint, Otis Grand, Lluís Coloma, James Armstrong, Ñaco Goñi, Slam Allen, Sax Gordon, Chris Ruest and the legendary Blues legend, Billy Boy Arnold. In 2013, Paul, once again, recorded, his latest work on piano and voice, "Paul's mood", a new pianistic venture into the different styles of the Blues but this time on the Gaztelupeko Hotsak recording Company/label.

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