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Marion Abernathy, también conocida como "La mujer de Blues", fue uno de las pocas artistas que jugó un papel clave en el inicio de catálogos  especializados. En 1944, el fundador Art Rupe, habiendo sintió engañado en su primera colaboración en un sello discográfico, unió  lo que entonces se conocía como Juke Box Records. Abernathy, que él llamó "La Mujer del Blues ", fue el segundo artista nunca antes lanzado con esta discográfica. 




Marion Abernathy (born around 1920 in Chicago , circumstances of death unknown) was an American singer of Rhythm & Blues, which was also known as The Blues Woman and on the west coast of the United States was active.
Abernathy, a discovery of Johnny Otis, one of the musicians who play a key role at the start of Art Rupes R & B label Specialty Records had.  Her first 1944 recorded for the previous label Juke Box Song "Voo It! Voo It "was the second release of the label! And in 1945 a regional hit. In the same year she took for regional labels like Bel-Tone and Melodisc Records, accompanied among others by Buddy Banks, Bob Mosely and Lucky Thompson.  With Wynonie Harris, Jo Jo Adams, T-Bone Walker and Mabel Scott she was in this time to the stars of Afro-American music scene of the Central Avenue in Los Angeles. 
She took in the postwar years, a number of R & B songs like "Baggin 'the Boogie", "Goin' Hanes Okey Doke-". "Yes-Hoosey Baby", "My Man Boogie" (with Hot Lips Page 1947), 
"Undecided" and "You is not got nothin 'for 
me" (with Paul Bascomb) on.  In her photographs for King Records 1949 it was of Joe Newman, Marshall Royal, Bumps Myers, Gerald Wiggins and Chico Hamilton accompanied. Tom Lord According she was involved between 1945 and 1949 in nine recording sessions. In 1960, she took on small labels. 

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