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Avenue Strut - Various Artists


Herve Duerson's real name was probably Harvey Deerson. In 1929 he made four solo piano recordings that were issued on two records. From the late 1920's he was a member of the Indianapolis, IN. group DuValle Brothers' Band as their pianist. In 1932 he left the group and disappeared from view, and no one knows what happened to him. 

Herve Duerson:Piano Solo

Recorded in Richmond, IN. Wednesday, August 28, 1929

Originally issued on Gennett (New Electrobeam) 7009 & Champion 15904 (78 RPM)
(The Champion issue was billed as "Barbecue Pete")

This recording taken from the 1998 CD "Mama Don't Allow No Easy Riders Here:Strutting The Dozens"

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