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Resultat d'imatges de piano red

  PIANO RED,  Así era conocido mayormente Mr. William Lee Perryman, también usó el nombre de Dr. Feelgood , y destacó por obtener del piano una sonoridad muy particular, envolvente ...... a pesar de su simplicidad, según comentan los críticos consiguió que sus piezas al piano fueran reconocidas a las primeras notas , comprobádlo !! 



“Boogie Woogie” as a piano instrumental, is the sixteenth track found on a 1989 compilation CD titled “World of Jazz: The Jazz Piano” for M.C.R. Productions (Holland). The liner notes of the CD also list this track title as “Boogie Woogie (a.k.a. Pine Top’s Boogie Woogie)” – music composed by C. Smith. William "Willie" Lee Perryman (a.k.a. Piano Red and/or Dr. Feelgood) was a self-taught American blues pianist of the barrel house blues style genre. Further research indicates Piano Red was born in 1911 and died in 1985. His simple, hard-pounding left hand and his percussive right hand, coupled with his cheerful shout, brought him considerable success over three decades of recording. As a result of diligent and lengthy research, the original date of this recording could not be sourced – nor could the original record/album from which this track originated. The CD liner notes, although scant, did not indicate any further information; therefore, the producer of this video cites Copyright 1989 M.C.R. Productions (Holland) – respectfully yours, Anishnaube.



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Resultat d'imatges de piano red

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